Bivouac Recording

Bivouac Recording is a sound label based in Hong Kong.

Bivouac Recording是一个录音品牌且提供录音服务的公司,致力于推进独立现场录音项目。

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Generations: Crash

Browse the NFT collection on Opensea here I have recently started reading Ballard's 'Crash' and was intrigued by the human fetish of machines that is emphasized in the book. Perhaps it explains my own deep obsession with my mechanical tape recorders. Having stripped them down to their bare form, ...

Generations : Feaston

Purchase Generations : Feaston NFTs on OpenSea Listen to Generations : Feaston on Soundcloud This is an NFT sound release. A mass-produced unique sound artwork. A paradox. I created a tape recorder instrument that makes recorded sound NFTs. I use Pure Data to create algorithms that create the wor...

Generations : Nelson Hiu

Go to Collection on OpenSea.io This past summer (2022), I had just moved to Hong Kong and was looking for interesting people to record. My friend Paul Yip who is an experimental musician and sound bath performer, recommended that I get in contact with Nelson Hiu. Upon first glance at Nelson's Ins...