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noun biv·ouac \ˈbi-və-ˌwak, ˈbiv-ˌwak\
1 : a usually temporary encampment under little or no shelter
2 a : encampment usually for a night
b : a temporary or casual shelter or lodging

In 2003, 'Bivouac' was a concept we used as the basis of our netlabel. To provide a temporary place where people could gather and be inspired by experimental music. Every year we would select new sound artists and design a new creative website. Time passed and while the netlabel was occasionally revived, we concentrated on working on our own material (see 'Searching for Sentinels'). Realizing that the most unique sound was the sound of reality itself, we ventured into the amazing world of field recording and started to record the improvised performances of experimental musicians (Noriaki Watanabe, Na, James Fei, Peeeseye, Brian Eubanks, Torturing Nurse, Li Jianhong), in NYC (The Stone, Tonic, Chez Bushwick, and Goodbye Blue Mondays (Brooklyn)) and later in Shanghai (YuYinTang (old, old location), Live Bar). From formal studios to live venues to outdoor locations- the world had become our studio. We travelled to remote locations to record sound and, yes, bivouac. Our concept of a 'bivouac' had also become a reality. It was amazing to see that a term we had adopted when we first began was a harbinger of what we were to become.

Today, 'Bivouac' is still the idea behind everything we do. We aim to provide inspiration through the use of sound to encourage people to experience and learn about their world in new and fascinating ways.

2003年,’Bivouac’是我们的网络商标的概念基础。这是一个临时的平台,聚集了行业内的人以及试验性音乐的灵感。每年我们会选择一些新的声音艺术家,设计一个新的创意网站。这个平台推出之后,偶尔也有些人气,我们开始关注创作自己的素材(见’Searching for Sentinels’)。我们意识到,最独特的声音是现实本身的声音,我们深入这个精彩的实地录音的世界,开始收录试验性音乐人的即兴作品(例如,布鲁克林的The Stone, Tonic, Chez Bushwick, and Goodbye Blue Mondays 等等,后来来到上海(育音堂(旧址)以及现场音乐酒吧))。从专业录音棚到现场音乐目的地,再到户外 – 这个世界就是我们的录音棚。我们跋涉到很远的地方收录声音,是的,户外露营地里。我们‘Bivouac’的概念成为了一种现实。最开始的时候选用的一个术语最后成为了我们想要实现的愿景,这是一件多么美好的事啊。


出于对录音事业的热爱,我们也为纪录片、短片、公司宣传视频以及其他的创意音频项目提供专业的实地录音服务。欲了解更多信息,请前往‘’录音服务‘ 。

罗天瑞 (Terence LLoren)
Terence是一位生活在上海的收音师。他曾经参与过真人秀、纪录片及企业视频的拍摄制作。他当前主要专注于通过各种创意的形式使用声音素材,以联结人以及他们的周边环境,展示人性中的非视觉的元素,例如各种语言方言、地方文化以及人与自然的关系等。Terence也是Bivouac Recording 的创始人,该公司是一家位于上海的现场录音品牌,专注于社会导向的录音项目,如:《60分钟,我的城市》和《Social Tapes》,等。

Terence LLoren
I am originally from Virginia and am a professional sound recordist living in Shanghai, China. Having a background in Architecture and a love for experimental sound, the main concepts of my work is how sound could affect an individual's relationship to 'place'. Recently, my work has taken a more socially-focused direction working with NGOs to build awareness of their projects through sound.