Generations: Crash

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I have recently started reading Ballard's 'Crash' and was intrigued by the human fetish of machines that is emphasized in the book. Perhaps it explains my own deep obsession with my mechanical tape recorders. Having stripped them down to their bare form, replaced parts and electrical components, experimented, amputated, implanted, and integrated into a digital system, all to extend its life way beyond expectations (50+ years) and intended capabilities.

The raw, chunky sounds they make, the struggle to turn the reel, creaking of the brakes, and the unexpected nature of the recording/ or playback all have an erotic, exhilarating feel to it and is why I include these sounds in the final tracks.

Just as 'The Peregrine' has been recommended as an inspiration for the obsessive, meticulous field recordist, I think 'Crash' further reveals the unsaid fetishistic relationship between us and our machines. Much like any professional that uses machines in their work, be it camera, keyboard, or retractable ballpen, I too do not deny the pleasure I feel every time I press record.

This collection uses the newest Generations algorithm which builds upon the last version adding features, fixing bugs, and allowing more autonomous composition from the mixer and recorders. As the algorithm mutates, it is a step closer to total automation and almost no human interaction with the Instrument.

The source tracks used contain the audio recordings of various pornographic short films that appeal to me. Over 100 unrecorded Generations had been composed before the final tracks were documented. I selected the track that best represented the series.

The track is noisy and contain sexually suggestive sounds which may be offensive to some. Please listen with caution, or not.