Bivouac Recording

Bivouac Recording is a sound label based in Hong Kong.

Bivouac Recording是一个录音品牌且提供录音服务的公司,致力于推进独立现场录音项目。

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Deep Dive: Josten Myburgh- Shed Ringer

Bivouac Recording · Deep DiveInstead of typing keywords into the search field I decided to dive into my followers, listening and commenting on random people and random tracks. I dont' really know if SC puts my followers by chronological order but I found Josten not too far from the surface. 'Shed...

Deep Dive: Beynon School of Audio Architecture | Christian Fillary | The Copse is Wrought Iron

Beynon Archival · Labelled: Christian Fillary - The Copse is Wrought Iron, March '77. Archived Medium: 1/4inch Tape Sometimes you find something that you wish you heard about a long time ago. These archived works were ressurrected in around 2013 and can still be purchased on Bandcamp today. ...

Deep Dive: À Ismène | Erell Latimier

Erell Latimier · À Ismene In our quest for experimental sound works that exploit the inherent qualities and flaws of analog tape we came across Erell's ‘À Ismène’. The overlaying of improvised performing of the tape samples and the way the voice is spliced into and out of the experience made me t...