Deep Dive: Josten Myburgh- Shed Ringer

Instead of typing keywords into the search field I decided to dive into my followers, listening and commenting on random people and random tracks. I dont' really know if SC puts my followers by chronological order but I found Josten not too far from the surface. 'Shed Ringer' is a great saxophone improvisation with great tones and expressions sometimes mimicking the nature that could be heard in the back ground.

Here's what Josten had to say about the track:

"I recorded an improvisation while on holiday on the lands of the Badimia people in inland Western Australia, on a reserve called Mt Gibson which is managed by the Australian Wildlife Conservancy. I usually take my instrument travelling, even if it's just to get a few long tones in every day so I don't lose the embouchure muscles. It was the tail end of the wildflower season. For most of the trip we were the only people camping at the site, and so I often practiced in the shade of the camp kitchen. The tin roof was resonant and this was interesting to work with. I had to move around during the play to avoid the swarms of wasps, and circular breathing carried the risk of inhaling a fly. I am interested in the way the infinite nuances of place might inform and shape sonic decisions, both in-the-moment and in the long and intergenerational growth of a sound culture."