Bivouac Recording

Bivouac Recording is a sound label based in Hong Kong.

Bivouac Recording是一个录音品牌且提供录音服务的公司,致力于推进独立现场录音项目。

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Haptic Collision #10

New live recordings released on our Soundcloud. Act 1: [Listen Here] 劉芳一 Liu Fang Yi- Objects and electronics Nelson Hiu- Synthesizer Liu Fang Yi used objects such as a portable fan and toys and played with a microphone and contact mics. Nelson Hiu played a Korg Monologue synth.Act 2: [Coming soo...

Bivouac. Live. Manila 马尼拉

*US$15 | *100元 To listen and purchase please click below/ 聆听购买 Soundcloud | Bandcamp See the Book [Purchase includes Mp3 audio files and PDF of track descriptions] *Purchasing info Bivouac Recording · Bivouac. Live. Manila"Since I started recording live shows in NYC over 10 years ago, it had ...