Haptic Collision #10

New live recordings released on our Soundcloud.

Act 1: [Listen Here]
劉芳一 Liu Fang Yi- Objects and electronics
Nelson Hiu- Synthesizer

Liu Fang Yi used objects such as a portable fan and toys and played with a microphone and contact mics. Nelson Hiu played a Korg Monologue synth.

Act 2: [Coming soon]
klaux- electronics
nnscya- electronics

The duo played a diy synth and other digital music devices.

Act 3: [Coming soon]
Feaston / Karen Yu / 龢wo4: objects, junk, tennis ball, cymbals, guitar, amplifier, drum

Several people played with the ball bouncing it back and forth to each other hitting objects like a drum or cymbal. Other people staged a workout session lifting guitars as if exercising, letting the movements make sounds on the guitar. nnscya also played a background soundtrack. As a finale, the group assembled a plastic christmas tree with speakers playing looped sounds then put it away.