Deep Dive

Breathe. Saturate. Dive. In our search for inspiration we delve into the depths of Soundcloud on a daily basis. Slowly scrolling until something catches my ear. This decent sometimes takes several days that amount to several hundred, nay, thousand tracks deep. When I resurface I come back with a few treasures that plant the seeds for new projects or that deeply have changed the way I listen. I want to share these tracks with you but a simple 'repost' within Soundcloud does not pay the homage that I feel these tracks deserve.

So I am starting 'Deep Dive', where I showcase all the tracks that I have 'discovered' that have inspired me with their beauty and ingenuity. For the tracks that have not been forgotten by their creator, I feature more in-depth descriptions of the track and artist and what their track has meant to me as an ultimate show of gratitude.

Please enjoy this chest of treasures.

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