Bivouac Recording

Bivouac Recording is a sound label based in Hong Kong.

Bivouac Recording是一个录音品牌且提供录音服务的公司,致力于推进独立现场录音项目。

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Replacement Soundscapes: WWF Shanghai- Taihu | 源声谱:WWF上海- 太湖

. Listen | 聆听 Soundcloud | 喜马拉雅 . 太湖位于长三角地区,是中国最大的淡水湖泊之一,面积仅次于鄱阳湖和洞庭湖,湖岸毗邻江苏和浙江两省。沿岸地区的快速发展破坏了它的自然平衡,工业污染和不良用水习惯最终导致了2007年的大规模藻类爆发,对沿岸人口和野生动植物造成威胁。此后,工业废物管理的改善和节约用水的做法使得太湖的状况逐渐得以改善。 . Taihu is a lake in the Yangtze delta and is one of the largest freshwater lakes in China after Poyang and Dongt...

RePlacement Soundscapes: Shanghai

Listen: Soundcloud Replacement Soundscapes change your immediate sonic environment with natural sounds to enhance the mood and well-being of your space. Shuffle this collection and let it continuously play. Listen at home, commute, and work. These field recordings are from the Fengxian District...