Why the new website?

Are you crazy! Yes!

Since our previous online website builder basically doubled their prices, I jumped ship. Things were starting to become a little stiff anyway. Everybody's site just looked the same. There was really not enough room in the sandbox. At first it looked cool and was relatively easy, but I didn't feel that connection with my site and so didn't update it as often with news or other personal things. It just felt so detached from me.

Not to mention, I couldn't get the images to load here in China so I ended signing up with a Chinese online website builder company $$$. What a waste of time and money.

No more! Over the years we have kept several social sites updated regularly- namely our Soundcloud, Issuu, FB, and Twitter (sort of). So when you add all these things up you pretty much have the pieces of a website. You just need some GLUE to stick it all together.... In comes HOTGLUE.ME

The weirdest, most freeform website builder out there at a great price point. Sure it doesn't have all the bells and whistles as the other builder sites, but it lets you do whatever you want. Of course, this isn't for everyone, but it was exactly I was looking for- a website builder that inspired me to keep designing, and moving things around and reflect my mood of the day. My site is now a piece of me.

When you move house, you realize how much crap and redundant stuff you have kept over the years and just how inefficient you have become by piling crap on top of crap over the years. You just end up with one big poop sculpture. Well I took a hose to it and trimmed as much fat as I could. No more redundant things. Just things that make sense. Simple.

As a new addition, I am using Postach.io as a 'depository' for everything for my site. Think of it as a non-linear blog. Or more precisely, the back end to my website. Wade in there at your leisure to get inspired and treasure hunt for albums or articles. For a much more organized experience, just return to our website where it is all laid out for you and spic-and-span. No fuss, no muss! Http://bivouacrecording.postach.io

Just like moving house, it doesn't happen overnight so as of now (12/2018) the migration is slowly progressing. Hoping to have it done by the end of January (2019).

Thanks for following us!

Keep listening.