I just bought an album, when will I receive it?

As you may have noticed, Bivouac Recording albums are quite unique and don't really fit into the mold of your typical online digital music store. The length of our recordings are sometimes prohibitive to a point where we have to cut tracks just to be able to upload it. Not cool, and not the way we intend you to hear it. So we are exclusively selling our products ourselves. This keeps the tracks and any publications intact. and also keeps down any extra costs and other management. You will not be able find products anywhere else.

Since 2011 we no longer produce physical products because of added costs, waste, and carbon footprint. Digital is a much better medium for production, distribution, and use. I know there are digital haters out there but you can be rest assured, no less love has been put into each recording as you can see in our projects and the quality of our album content.

All international purchases are done via Paypal (or via 微信 in China). After we get your purchase order, we will upload and send you the file(s) via Wetransfer as early as that very day and never longer than a week. The wait time is what you would expect from a physical product through the post (maybe even faster, and without customs). If your country cannot access Wetransfer, we can find other solutions to get your files to you.