Growing Up With Shanghai: Zijin Lu | 与沪成长- 紫金路

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Recorded March 19, 2010.

Zijin Lu was the 12th recording of Growing Up With Shanghai and was recorded almost 10 years ago. It was the first walk that Shen Yi took photos for and when I finally saw them developed I was so happy I finally found the look I wanted for the rest of the project. I remember it was a cold day on the street, and entering the narrow Nongtang, I felt it was freezing in the shadows. Celia takes us around her neighborhood just blocks away from the Bund around the area she used to live with her Grandma. In 2010, the Bund tunnel was about to open just in time for the World Expo, and the Shanghai Natural History Museum was in its old location under the shadow of the Yan‘an Lu Elevated road. She walks along her daily route to school and tells us stories of how it was growing up here with all her cousins and friends. We get lost a little when looking for the park that she used to learn Wushu with her friends after school. It’s a great story in a great location. I hope you enjoy it.