Growing Up With Shanghai: Xinhua Lu | 与沪成长- 新华路

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Recorded July 12, 2009 at 11:19 a.m.

Xinhua Lu is a picturesque road typical to the French Concession area of Shanghai. Lined on both sides with Parasol trees and vintage mansions of old Shanghai, one can easily mistake this for a European town. Samantha has lived along this road her entire life. In fact, many of her relatives still live in this area, which shows how important family is to her. Her memories are filled with: her family, time spent with her Grandfather, jumping across flower terraces, bakery discount bread–runs, and her precarious playground adventures resulting in a daring rescue. Xinhua Lu is truly a part of her life and her family.

This walk was one of my favorites just because of the amazing coincidences and the life that can be heard in the background. The rise and fall of gently passing cars and random conversations can be heard. When we entered her residential complex, the sounds of the basketball courts, construction, and baby crying all created an amazing picture. The finale was the icing on the cake as we happened to end up in front of a place where a piano could be heard from the street–like exit music to a great movie. It is these serendipitous moments that create the essence of these recordings. The realization that they can never be recreated is why each of these recordings are more than just sound.

I felt that this recording truly captured the life of this area. The recording itself is so dynamic and alive – yet not too overbearing as is usually assumed in an urban setting.

I hope that you enjoy this recording as much as we do.