Growing Up With Shanghai- Huating Lu | 与沪成长- 华亭路

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襄阳路市场源于华亭路,位于科技馆地铁站。现在,华亭路是一条十分安静的街道,连接长乐路和淮海路。仅有一些服装店和餐馆能体现其古老的底蕴。沿着这条街道漫步,Gladys给我们讲述了她的一段甜蜜的罗曼史。他们的首次约 会就在这条街道尽头的KFC。这家店现在仍然还在。我们走到这家KFC时,当时他们坐的那张桌子有人坐着,于是我们坐在那张桌子的后面。她缓缓地拉开了话匣子,谈起了她对偶然认识的那个男人的情感。那时,有谁知道他们的未来将如何呢?深夜的交谈、KTV之后的那个令人难忘的夜晚、分手、和好,还有这次声音漫步之旅。

Recorded July 12, 2009 at 11:19 a.m.
Hua Ting Lu is the birthplace of the Xiang Yang Lu market which is now located at the Science and Technology Center subway station. Nowadays it is a very quiet street connecting Chang Le Lu and Huai Hai Lu. Some clothing stores and restaurants remain as the only indication of its ancestry. Along this road Pei Hua shares an intimate memory of her past love. Their first meeting was at the KFC at the end of the road which is still there. The table where they sat was occupied when we arrived so we sat at the table behind. Softly she spoke of her feelings about a man whom she met by chance. At that moment, who would have known what the future would hold for them? The late night conversations, that memorable night after KTV, the break up, the make up, and this soundwalk.


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