Growing Up With Shanghai: Fengjing- | 与沪成长- 枫泾

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After almost three hours of getting lost, I finally meet Lemon, her sister, and her boyfriend, Jason at Feng Jing town which is actually about one hour outside of Shanghai. Feng Jing is another ancient water town right on the Shanghai – Zhe Jiang border and its history dates back several centuries.

This small town has gone through some amazing changes. The water town area has been renovated and is more tourist friendly but still maintains its local vibe. Not as many tourists come through here as compared to some other water towns so it is still a relaxing day trip destination. This walk is one of our favorites, not only because it is the only walk we recorded that was outside of Shanghai city, but also because of the playful and animated dialog of Lemon and her sister. They talk of catching crawfish in the stream, eating Xun La Si (roast frog), and falling down stairs – all with a laugh and a smile. The sometimes mysterious alleyways, delightful views, and the easy country life make this a place not to miss.

Their dialect is a bit different from the Shanghainese spoken in the city. More Mandarin words are mixed in with a few local words that may not even sound like typical Shanghainese. It’s a pleasant reminder of how large the Shanghai province is and that there are many amazing places to visit outside of the City.

If you only go on one of the walks, make this the one.