Growing Up With Shanghai: Anyuan Lu | 与沪成长- 安远路

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This walk starts down Jiangning Lu and finally begins at Anyuan Lu towards the middle of the track. This part of Shanghai has seen quite a bit of change and is now quite modern. Nearby is M50 on Moganshan Lu and there are quite a few galleries scattered about the area. Like a jewel in the rough, this‘ Nong Tang’, still preserves the simple life that was so abundant in this area before and gives an intimate view into the lives of the local Shanghainese. Echo grew up here, mostly under the care of her Grandmother, and still has family and family friends in the area. As we walk into the Nong Tang, the places that she describes are still there and the smell of freshly cooked dinner fills the air.

Toward the end of the alley, we just happen to run into her Grandmother’s sister and some family friends and share some dialog with them. This unexpected break in the typical soundwalk format is a refreshing example of the uncontrollable nature of life in these recordings. It also shows the deep connection that the speaker still has with her family and this location.

[Anyuan Lu was originally from our limited edition self-published book in 2010. Your purchase includes the soundwalk audio Mp3, and a 24-page PDF booklet that contains: images, three translations (Shanghainese, Mandarin, and English), and a route map to help you navigate the area.]