Flow | Flux / 流 | 变

Chong Ming Dao is a beautiful island about 1 hour from downtown Shanghai. With the completion of a new bridge and tunnel, getting to the island makes it easier for the population of the Shanghai Municipality to explore the beauty that was once difficult to reach.

‘Change’ is in the very nature of the island. Being alluvial, it is ever growing and changing with the accumulation and shifting of the Yangtze River silt. Through sound recordings I focus on two forms of ‘change’: the constant natural changing of the seasons (Flow), and the gradual changes made by the local residents as their society evolves (Flux). Though these changes are separate in nature, one cyclical and one linear, they help each other to progress and evolve.

The sound recordings are recorded throughout Chongming island over the course of one year and was recorded with reel to reel tape or cassette. This is a several year project with many more locations needed to document.