Bivouac. Live.

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‘Bivouac. Live.’ is a project starting from March 2006 in New York City and later in Shanghai and features live performances from well-known and obscure experimental musicians in some of the most interesting venues. ‘Bivouac. Live.’ is a ‘living’ project that will be added to as we have new recordings.

Bivouac. Live.’ 是2006年3月从纽约开始的一个录音项目,而后来到上海,主要收录的是一些知名表演者现场演出的声音,也覆盖一些闻所未闻的试验性音乐人在一些极其有趣的场地所做的尝试。‘Bivouac. Live.’是一个"活着"的项目, 我们会不断加入新的录音。

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