60 Minute Cities: Yerevan | 60分钟,我的城市- 埃里温

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Traveling around Armenia for humanitarian purposes, it was a good opportunity to record the streets and remote districts of Yerevan / It is undeniable that it is a ‘middle-of-nowhere’ capital city on a world map / The country realized a huge revolution, four months ago / A new government gives a lot of hope to people / Armenia lives in this recording during a hinge period / The streets were empty before / Now, happy people, especially children, invade squares and parks every evening //
Vincent Duseigne出生在法国,目前生活在比利时,是一位工业考古学家,专攻地下矿井研究/在这些巨大的废弃矿井里工作30多年,他发现矿井下的声音很奇特,引起人的兴趣/也因此激发他开始从事实地录音/80年代后期,他开始用一个三公斤重的磁带录音机录音/那之后,他每天都会进行实地录音/这是表达不寻常事物的一种方式,现在的人们很少愿意耐下心来聆听这个世界的声音/他做的其中一个特别的项目就是收录法国一条延绵777公里的河流,从源头流淌到入海口的声音//
Born French but living in Belgium, Vincent Duseigne is an industrial archeologist especially involved with underground mines / Working for 30 years in these huge abandoned places, he noticed that the sounds are often strange and challenging / In this way he began field recording / In the late 80’s, he was using a three kilogram tape recorder / Since then, his field recordings have become a daily routine / It’s a manner to speak about uncommon things, nowadays no one really takes the time to listen to the world / A special project was for example to record a 777 km long river in France, swimming from spring to estuary //