60 Minute Cities: Yangzhou | 60分钟,我的城市- 扬州

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Chen Zhen 收录了扬州这座美丽的城市的声音。扬州有许多其他中国城市的典型特点,新旧事物并行推动着城市的音景变化。Chen Zhen完美地收录了扬州城的历史性和主要元素,大运河上的船只、售卖器具的店家,还有来来往往的车辆和人群。

Chen Zhen records the beautiful city of Yangzhou. As is typical of many Chinese cities, old and new are juxtaposed forever evolving the soundscape of the city. Chen Zhen immaculately records the historic and main elements of Yangzhou, capturing the boats on the Grand Canal, shopkeepers selling their wares, and general dancing of cars and people.


沈振,男,江苏扬州人,多媒体设计师,兼职录音师 / 从事实地录音、声音设计等相关工作 //

Chen Zhen is from Yangzhou in the Jiangsu province in China / He is a Multimedia designer and freelance sound engineer in field recordings, sound design and other related work //