60 Minute Cities: Vancouver | 60分钟,我的城市- 温哥华

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这是一个充满噪音的世界,随着地球的人口继续增长,未来的世界只会更加喧闹/在我思考如何用声音勾勒温哥华这个城市的时候,我开始意识到我们因为缺乏公共环境的礼仪意识,不断制造着周围环境的噪音。总的来说,声音是一种刺激物,尽管它也可以被当成一个有用的工具,也有着武器一般的力量/当我乘坐公共交通或者在咖啡店,尝试聆听和沉浸在一种声音的环境的时候,我非常惊讶的是,大部分时候,我听到的都是人们手机发出的声音/内心那个犬儒的我不禁联想到:我们都是麻木钝化的大众,不仅不记得给手机插上耳机,还完全地忽视了噪音会给我们周围的人带来怎样的影响/同时,内心那个理想主义的我发出了更多的声音。我也决定通过这个项目,收录我听到的温哥华的声音,或者说是我想要听到的这个城市的声音/这些录音展现的是安静的温哥华,是安静得可以用于冥想而不打扰的声音 //

Our world is full of noise, and as the Earth’s populace continues to increase, we are only heading toward an even noisier one / Around the time that I was thinking about how to approach this sonic portrait of Vancouver, I was becoming all-too aware of a growing lack of etiquette surrounding noise. Generally speaking, sound is stimulus, and although it can be used as a helpful tool, it also has a weaponizing power / When I sit on public transit or in coffee shops in an attempt to listen to and absorb a sonic environment, I’m amazed at how most of the time it is people’s phones I am hearing and little more / The cynic in me jumps to this thought: we are a desensitized public who not only seem to have forgotten that headphones even exist, but seem perfectly ignorant to how noise can affect the people around us / However, the idealist in me speaks louder here, and I’ve decided to use this project as an opportunity to capture a Vancouver as I hear it, or at least want to / These recordings are of my quiet Vancouver, of places one can go and meditate on sound rather than be distracted by it //

Adrian Dziewanski是一位音乐人、声音艺术家以及音乐博主,分别以Empress 以及The Pollen Sisters(和Mathieu Ruhlmann 合作)之名制作音乐/现在,Dziewanski以Riverkeeper以及自己的名义进行录音工作/对于声音,他强烈相信音乐偶然事件的力量和诗意,主张深度聆听/他的音乐被称作是‘能唤起情感的’,是‘一个强烈的个人仪式’/他曾在Signal + Noise, Quiet City, 以及Fake Jazz Fest演出/他的作品曾发布在Vacant Tapes, 23five Inc., 以及Prairie Fire Tapes等平台上/他现在居住在温哥华//
Adrian Dziewanski is a musician, sound artist and music blogger who has previously made music as empress, and as The Pollen Sisters with Mathieu Ruhlmann / Currently, Dziewanski records as Riverkeeper and under his own name / In terms of sound, he strongly believes in the potency and poetry of musical happenstance and advocates for the benefits of deep listening / His music has been described as "emotionally evocative," and "an intensely private ritual." / He has performed at Signal + Noise, Quiet City, and Fake Jazz Fest / His work has been published via Vacant Tapes, 23five Inc., and Prairie Fire Tapes / He lives in Vancouver //