60 Minute Cities: St. Petersburg | 60分钟,我的城市 - 圣彼得堡

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Saint-Petersburg is a city of bridges / Wherever you go in this city sooner or later you will go out to a river or a channel blocking your path / With the desire to get to the other side, you wander along the granite embankments and the splash of waves accompanies you / At these moments you understand how much your life in this city goes hand in hand with the sounds of water… not only these sounds for sure… and over time many things change… / The sound image of my city has changed a lot over time I live here / Before there were not so many planes and helicopters in the sky / Now in the center you can hardly find a place where some street musicians would not perform / Very noisy here / Noise of passing cars was before also, now street musicians shout above it twisting the handles of the combos to the maximum / With the advent of WHSD (Western High-Speed Diameter) a new noise ring of high-speed highway appeared around the city / The urban tourism infrastructure is developing: rivers and canals are flooded with the voices of the guides, they are talking over each other / Everyone wants to declare themselves louder than others. Everyone has something to say / Not enough of those who are ready to hear / I believe that the time has come to learn to listen / The world is full of offers, statements and announcements / One has to learn to accept it as it is without trying to change anything / Accept it in all its sound diversity / Not just to hear the world, but to be it with your attention //

圣彼得堡是一座桥梁之城/无论走在这座城市的任何地方,你总会遇到河流或水道挡住去路/在浪花的陪伴下,你沿着花岗岩河堤漫步,渴望到达对岸/这时你就会认识到在这座城市中生活与水声的关系是如此紧密……当然不只是这些声音……事物随着时间的流逝也在不断变迁……/我的城市的声音形象在我居住于此期间发生了很大的变化/以前天上还没有那么多飞机和直升机/现在,市中心几乎找不到一处街头音乐家不愿表演的地方/这里十分嘈杂/以前是来往汽车的噪音。现在,街头音乐家把音箱开到最大,淹没了汽车的噪音/随着WHSD(Western High-Speed Diameter)高速公路通车,城市周围出现了一个新的高速公路噪音圈/城市的旅游基础设施也在日益发展:河流和运河周边导游们的声音此起彼伏/每个人都想在音量上更胜一筹,每个人都有话要说/而愿意聆听的人还不够多/我认为是时候学会如何聆听了/世界上充满了提议、声明和公告/我们必须学会不作任何改变地接受它/接受所有声音的多样性/不仅要聆听世界,而且要关注世界,成为它的一部分//

About the Artist:

Vladislav Petrov / Lives in St. Petersburg, Russia / Sound artist / Was engaged in the creation of sound installations, sound design for dance-move performances and sound design for documentaries and experimental films / Currently exploring urban and natural sound landscapes, making multi-channel field recording //

Vladislav Petrov / 生活在俄罗斯圣彼得堡/声音艺术家/参与声音装置的创作、舞蹈表演的声音设计以及纪录片和实验电影的声音设计/目前正在探索城市和自然的声音景观,进行多通道实地录音//