60 Minute Cities: Leipzig | 60分钟,我的城市- 莱比锡

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Leipzig, it is said, is the up-and-coming city in Germany / A city that not only has an interesting history and wonderfully rich cultural past, it is also one of the most exciting places in the world of the present / Leipzig is the city where the political change in the German Democratic Republic started in 1989, it is the city where Richard Wagner was born and where Johann Sebastian Bach has written his masterworks / Nowadays, the city is not only the most important economic center in eastern Germany, it is also the city with one of the most vibrant art scenes in Europe //

For me Leipzig is the city, where I was born and where I lived almost all my life / In these recordings I try to show what Leipzig means to me, and what makes it special beyond the advertising slogans //


Sebastian Brock曾在莱比锡和巴塞罗那学医。同时,他也在莱比锡Deutschen Literaturinstitut学习文学。他写过很多戏剧,出版过两部小说,分别是"Silbersee" (2006) 和"Kurze Visite" (2010)。近几年,他开始尝试实地录音和声音艺术。此次60分钟城市 – 莱比锡是他发布的第一个录音。
Sebastian Brock studied medicine in Leipzig and Barcelona. At the same time he studied literature at the Deutschen Literaturinstitut Leipzig. He wrote several plays and published two novels, "Silbersee" (2006) and "Kurze Visite" (2010). In recent years, he has started working with field recordings and sound art. 60 Minute Cities – Leipzig is his first field recording release.