60 Minute Cities: Chongqing | 60分钟,我的城市- 重庆

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这些录音是Asa Roast在重庆市生活和开展研究的两年时间内完成的/录音记录了一项正在制定中的研究计划,其范围从熙熙攘攘的重庆市中心一直到界限模糊的城市边缘/录音跟踪了基础设施、日常节奏、城市密度和缺失在构建和解构城市空间中的作用//

These recordings were made over the course of two years that Asa Roast spent living and conducting research in the city of Chongqing / Keeping track of a developing research plan, these recordings range from the downtown density of central Chongqing to the vague limits of the peri-urban fringe / They track the role of infrastructure, daily rhythms, densities and absences in composing and decomposing urban space //


About the Artist

Asa Roast是一名城市地理学家,目前是英国利兹大学博士研究生/他的研究涉及住房、城市化、非正式和城市理论/他于2015年至2017年间为重庆西南大学访问学者//

Asa Roast is an urban geographer and PhD student at the University of Leeds, UK / His research concerns housing, urbanisation, informality and urban theory / He was a visiting researcher at Southwest University in Chongqing between 2015 and 2017 //