60 Minute Cities: Bristol | 60分钟,我的城市- 布里斯托

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After six years in London, it was time to move on / Too big, to busy, too noisy, the capital of the UK was losing its appeal / I needed somewhere new, smaller, and friendlier / So I moved to Bristol / It is noisy and busy too, but not like London / I don’t associate my new home with air traffic, honking cars, squeaky underground, and impenetrable languages / It is a human place, filled with people living and using the city as their space, but not to the detriment of nature and wildlife / There are many sounds I did not record / As I cycled and walked the city in the making of this album, many more sounds grabbed my ears / There are building works whichever way you look in the centre, children playgrounds in every park, the chatter of crowds by the harbour on a sunny day, the inflating of hot air ballons, hen parties wandering drunk and happy late at night, etc. / But those sounds are not my Bristol, not the ones that have engraved themselves in my mind after nine months in a new home //
Allysse Riordan出生于法国北部,2010年初搬到英国/作为一个实地录音师,她收录她听到的声音,就像档案保管员把世界用一个个日期、时间和地点记录下来一样/她还用特制麦克风收录人耳难以听到的声音,让事物变得鲜活起来,为事物在日常生活中的存在增添一个不同的图层/她希望人们意识到他们周围声音的多样性和微妙性//
Originally from Northern France, Allysse Riordan, relocated to the UK in the early 2010s / As a field recordist, she records what she hears, like an archivist keeping track of the world in a date, time, and place / She also records the unheard with the help of specialised microphones to bring objects to life and add a different layer to their physical presence in our lives / Her aim is to make people aware of the variety and subtlety of sounds around them //