60 Minute Cities: Boston | 60分钟,我的城市- 波士顿

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波士顿是美国马萨诸塞州的首府和人口最多的城市 / 它也是是美国东部新英格兰地区的经济,文化和旅游中心 / 我在这里学习和生活了将近四年 / 比起别的大都市,波士顿不算大,靠地铁和巴士基本能到各个角落 / 波士顿区域众多的研究机构,大学,医院和科技公司吸引着世界各地的人材来工作和学习 / 由此造成人口的多样性让城市的声音也充满多样性 / 这些声音是在今年的四月和六月期间波士顿十个不同的地点录制的 / 多谢Bivouac Recording的邀请,"60分钟,我的城市-波士顿"让我用声音描述居住了四年的地方 //

Boston is the capital of Massachusetts in the United States / The economic and cultural center of New England area, the city is also a popular tourist destination with its rich history / I have spent almost four years in the city studying media arts and traveled around the urban area / Boston is home to many research centers, universities, technology companies and hospitals, attracting people all over the world to work and study here / The diversity of city’s population contributes to the dynamic soundscape of the city / The recordings were made between April and June this year in ten locations / Thanks to Bivouac Recording’s invitation, this project became a new journey for me / I have never recognized Boston by its sounds alone / Boston offers many more sonic adventures than what I could collect here / Even for the same location, the sounds could vary because of different seasons, time and weather //


王励在中国北部湾的一个海港城市长大 /她曾经在大学和研究生院学习生物学 /但最终,她决定要用图像和声音来创造故事 /她随后来到美国学习电影和媒体 /在波士顿爱默生学院学习媒体艺术期间,对声音的探索成为了她艺术创作的重心 /平时在影视录音和后期混音之余,她常常用手持录音机录下有趣的声音 //

Li Wang grew up in a coastal city in south China, where the industrialization dramatically shifted the natural landscape / In her childhood, she spent a lot of time taking adventures in the woods with her puppy / There she made friends with animals and plants / Later Li continued her adventure with nature at a molecular level / She explored the behavior of genes in a biology laboratory / Although Li enjoyed the process of solving complicated scientific problems, she discovered her desire to work with image and sound / When Li came to America, she carried her curiosity for biology into the process of media making, as a way to understand human minds and emotions / Soon after she began Emerson College’s Media Arts program in Boston, sonic elements became a critical part of her artistic explorations / She is intrigued by the soundscape that is shaped by the architecture, human activities and nature //