60 Minute Cities: Beijing | 60分钟,我的城市- 北京

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除了天安门和天坛之外,这一次没有为了录音特意去自己平常不会去的地方 / 对北京来说,我是外来人口,而我听到的北京,是我对北京一点点的探索,一点点点亮的地图,六个地点没经过什么犹豫就选出来了 / 虽然多少总透着些生分,但到目前为止我们的相处还算融洽/ 不敢自大的用它来代表北京,但这60分钟是我的北京 / 录音设备:ZOOM H5, Roland CS-10EM //

Jamie looks at Beijing in a brand new way. Reconnecting with the locations she is all familiar with, and used her ears to experience them from a different angle. These series of recordings are a great documentation of her exploration to her surrounding areas by listening. From the moment you step off the train to the ‘heartbeat of China’, her soundwalks and field recordings showed a delicate and unfamiliar side of Bejing that you may not have heard before. And if you have never been to Beijing before, well, you have now.

Except for Tian’anmen and Tian Tan, this time I did not go to places where I don’t usually go to only for the purpose of recording / To Beijing, I am a typical so called out-of-towner / When I listen to the sound of Beijing it is my way of exploring this city / Little by little, I reveal more with each place I visited / It was easy to pick the 6 places where to do the recording / Although, me and Beijing are not very well acquainted, but I think we’re in a good relationship so far / These 60 mins recordings are not meant to be a complete representation of Beijing, but they’re my Beijing / Recordings made with Zoom H5 and Roland CS-10EM //