Sound Bath Sessions

Sound Bath Sessions is a subscription-only, curated audio collection featuring exclusive recordings from sound bath practitioners in Asia.

All sound baths are recorded on location and are released on a weekly basis.

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A portion of your subscription is donated to a charitable organization that is announced at the beginning of each month.

One of the things that I noticed when I first heard about sound baths was that there was nothing that let me know what the different styles of sound baths were offered locally and what venues had them. Sound Bath Sessions connects and benefits all aspects of the sound bath community: the people looking for creative sound baths, the practitioners who play them, and the venues that host them.

Unique recordings
When finding example sound baths out there on popular music/ video platforms and apps, I felt that there was a lack of recordings that emphasized the idea of performance and the sense of place. Being a location sound recordist, I believe that these two ingredients are essential to make an interesting and engaging work: connection through candidness.

The recordings are recorded in one take and lightly edited where needed but you will hear background noises and other human imperfections. The intent behind the recordings is to offer a unique, intimate document that could be listened to for entertainment and/or meditative purposes.

I believe in using my passion to benefit the greater good. It keeps me motivated and makes me feel that the work I put in is worth it to somebody. Your subscription not only benefits the project and the sound bath community, it goes even further. An equal portion of your subscription will go to a charity that will be announced before the beginning of each month. So you can support the charities you are interested in as well as getting access to the entire collection of sound baths for your pleasure. Try it for a month, it keeps us going and goes to a good cause.

The cost for subscription is US$4 or HK$25. Your subscription helps us to get more sound bath practitioners involved and to bring more exotic recordings to you from all over Asia. Coming from a different country? No problem! The online payment service will convert it for you.

For the month of March, your subscriptions will support the Hong Kong Society of the Blind.

Monthly Bonus Track
In addition to releasing a new track every week for subscribers, there will be one bonus track every month for non-subscribers to listen to.

You may purchase this track for as much as you want and it will go towards the monthly split between the artists and the designated charity. Keep in mind purchasing Bonus Tracks is NOT a subscription. Please consider subscribing to get the entire catalog.

Featured sound bath practitioners:
Candace Cheung
Edmund Chan
Elka Ho
Paul Yip
Ravina Dashwani